Rooms, Tariffs & House Rules


We have two immaculately prepared rooms at the property:

Room A – This spacious room has a double bed with all basic amenities and commands excellent views of the pine covered hills and the farm outside from the lounge chair by the window. It has an attached modern bathroom with a built in hot tub and 24 hours running hot water.

Room B – This spacious room has a double bed with all basic amenities, along with an attached ultra modern bathroom with a rain shower bath. It opens up into the living room and commands excellent view of the Karyali valley through it.

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We are not a commercial hotel – instead of offering a set tariff structure with inflated additions & marked up pricing, we try to offer the best possible rates to all our patrons. We request you to contact us at or +91-9810932482 / +91-9971131122 for the latest room tariffs and current specials.

House Rules

Spirits Unplugged is our escape from the maddening noise and ever busier corporate lives that we are forced to live in the metros. Our only aim through this enderavour is to share with everyone the sense of peace and tranquility that we experience while at the retreat.

While we expect our guests to be well behaved and focussed on enjoying their time at the retreat, it is important for us to lay down a minimal set of rules to ensure that your stay is mutually enjoyable for both of us.

  1. We will appreciate if the guests would follow all directions from the staff for their own safety, and to help make your stay as enjoyable as we can.
  2. There are valuable showpieces and decorative items placed around the cottage for aesthetic appeal. We request you to take special care while handling these items – especially with younger children.
  3. Any breakages / defacing of equipment, decorative items etc will have to be paid for immediately at the time of the incident. The costs will be determined on a per incident basis depending on the actual cost of the damage with a minimum of Rs. 1000 per incident.
  4. This is our personal retreat in a beautiful, untouched part of the himalayas and we wish to share it with like minded friends and acquaintances who are looking for an escape from their busy lives. All we ask for in return is mutual respect towards the property, its staff and the furnishings therein. Please treat it with as much care as your personal house and enjoy the facilities with responsibility.
  5. You are welcome to use the fully equipped kitchen at the retreat if you are so inclined, albeit under the guidance of the staff to ensure all around safety.